About us

Stephen Murdock receives key of new fleet of Volvo Vehicles from Peter Wilcox accompanied by William Millar, Amanda Murdock & Ivan Murdock.

Ivan Murdock was one of the first funeral directors in N. Ireland to gain professional qualifications and purchased the current premises in 1978-79 at which time the company carried out 30 funerals per year which has risen to its current figure of 300 funerals per year. Stephen joined his father in 1984 from Coleraine Academical Instituition. (although involved in the business from the age of 13). Father and son continued to expand business and further expansion followed with the opening of funeral home and private viewing rooms with seating for 80 people with an organ. Continuing re-investment has led to the purpose built workshop complex and large garage block being built with space for 8 limousines and hearses, washing area and store.

In the late 80’s the funeral business in N.I. changed for the good with the introduction of the large multi national funeral business. Ivan Murdock & Sons withstood temptation to join other local firms under the Multi National banner which has since proved to be a very shrewd business move. Funeral numbers increased dramatically through the late 80’s and early 90’s. It seemed that local people preferred the local funeral directors and the company had to expand, employing full time staff for the 1st time. The premises continued to be modernised through the 90’s. William Millar joined the firm in 1993 after graduating from the University Of Dundee BSc (Hons.) in Accountancy and Computer Science.

Despite being a male orientated profession past experience has taught us that there is a place for a woman’s touch. With that in mind Mrs Alison Millar joined the company in 1994 and she now deals with the public office and telephone enquiries, as well as finding time to assist with the many charitable donations in lieu of flowers we now administrate. Stephens wife Amanda joined Murdock Memorials in 1996 to look after sales and administration but having worked for the Boots company for 15 years and in that time gained every qualification needed to be a top class beauty consultant she felt she had more to offer in the funeral business as well. She now uses her talents in this field to attend to any female deaths that Ivan Murdock & Sons deal with. In fact such is her ability, senior funeral directors in the provence who have seen her at work and the results of that work have said her skill is unmatched in the entire country. We are proud to say that her level of skill means she in constantly in demand to demonstrate her particular brand of mortuary cosmetics to seminars and meetings within the funeral profession. Mrs Mona Murdock has been involved with the company from its birth and is still very much involved with the company today. She deals with the charitable  donations received in lieu of flowers. She has found her workload increasing as the company’s turnover increases and also as individuals channel their money to something more worthwhile in memory of their loved ones.

People today increasingly look towards the future. Pensions, savings, endowments policies for kids educations and in some cases pre-paid funerals. Ivan Murdock & Sons offer an excellent facility for those looking for pre-paid funeral plans. The plans are flexible both in choice and payment and can be tailored to your individual needs, wide ranging and easy to set up. A wide range of literature is always available and prices can be obtained on request. We feel we are able to offer our potential clients as wide a  range of facilities as they require from a simple mass or sympathy card to arranging an after funeral meal, from a wreath to a regimental funeral, from a death notice to a death abroad we would like to think nobody does it better.

In the mid 90’s Stephen and William decided to expand sideways and opened    Murdock Memorials.

In ten years the company has gone from scratch to being the largest monumental business in Bushmills, Castlerock, Coleraine, Portrush and Portrush                   employing four full time staff with over 30 years experience in the monumental business.